Immunization Campaign against Covid-19

Vaccines help our immune system recognize and stop part of the virus that causes COVID-19, preventing its multiplication within our body.
Several types of vaccines have been authorized in Europe: even though they work differently, they will all help you protect yourself!

In order to to support the Immunization Campaign against Covid-19, I-CARE launched  an awareness campaign for the refugees.
Click here and watch the videos made by ICARE and with the precious help of cultural mediators, 


Vaccination against Covid-19: forms to be filled and submitted and documents required for your vaccination appointment

On the day of your Covid-19 vaccination appointment (for both the first and the second dose) you have to submit:

  • the Consent Form and Pre-Vaccine Triage Form already filled in a valid identity card (not an expired one) your health card (Tax ID Code)


On the appointment date, you have to:
- arrive on time
- wear the surgical mask correctly (covering the nose and mouth) for the entire duration of the stay
- wear comfortable clothing to uncover the shoulder where the vaccine will be administered

After vaccination, you have to stay in the waiting area for at least 15 minutes.


Below, you can find information leaflets, the Consent Form and the Pre-Vaccine Triage Form in multilingual version.

Consent Form and Pre-Vaccine Triage Form
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